The War On Ignorance (WOI) was developed for the expressed purpose of challenging select behavior in the broader black community that serves to impede the collective advancement of black people. In this war “ignorance” has been deemed the enemy.

The WOI is long overdue. Although some might call the WOI an effort in futility, we believe otherwise.  

The WOI provides the black community with a unique opportunity to undergo both collective and individual reflection. Through genuine reflection it is hoped that black people will undertake an honest examination of one’s personal and collective behavior as a means of eradicating the ignorance that is so prevalent and pervasive in our communities. 

While the principal target of this effort is the youth and young adults, we recognize that this movement can be beneficial to every member of the   community. Thus, we strongly encourage individuals of all ages and socioeconomic levels to partake in this effort. A successful effort will undoubtedly produce communities of which we can all be proud, and which can serve as models for other communities.

Please note - the fact that the black community is the focal point of the WOI should not in any way be interpreted to mean that black people have a monopoly on ignorance. In fact, nothing can be further from the truth. Every community can benefit from a War On Ignorance. As such, we encourage individuals of all ethnicities and nationalities and in all communities to take ownership of and confront the ignorance that exists in their respective communities.



allowing your underwear to be seen in public

Ridiculing our "blackness" and African features

Making a scene when attempting to resolve a conflict

Spitting in public

Talking loud in public in order to be seen

Seeing the faults in other and not in you

Not wearing a condom when you know you should

holding up traffic to have a lengthy conversation.