#1 - RespEct for life

The alarming rate of fratricide (brother killing brother) in the African American community should concern each and every one of us. We can no longer feel compelled to speak out against police violence against our fellow brothers and sisters then choose to remain silent when senseless acts of violence, which all too often lead to a tragic and often times untimely death, occur in our midst. Black men must adopt and remain committed to the concept of Respect for Life. If we don’t stop the killing of our own, who will?

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#2 - Sexual Responsibility

The number one health threat to the African American community (and the continent of Africa) is AIDS. This dreaded disease in one way or another has affected many of us. Black men must begin to recognize the danger of having unprotected sex and become more responsible when engaging in sexual activity. Unprotected sex can also lead to unwanted pregnancies. If we are to successfully combat the social devastation wrought by both AIDS and unwanted pregnancies we must choose to be responsible sexual partners.

#3 - Commitment to Fatherhood

Children need both parents. Black men must choose to be involved in the lives of their children. This involvement must extend beyond an occasional gift or check in the mail. Our children need to see us. Spending quality time with our children must be a priority in our personal lives.

There is no definitive book that explains how to be a perfect father but one can be a caring, visible and responsible dad simply by trying.

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#4 - Respect for Womanhood

Generally speaking, our mothers are our first teachers and in many cases our sisters are our first friends. When we degrade our women we are degrading our mothers, sisters, wives, aunts, grandmothers, etc.

Although human relationships in general can be complex and relationships between men and women can be complicated, such complications should never lead Black men to engage in behavior that undermines the majesty of the Black woman.

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 #5 - Economic Accountability

All too often we hear and read the stories of the staggering wealth we possess as a collective body. These stories also detail the spectacular buying power of African Americans. Often times it appears as if every one else recognizes our enormous economic potential except us. Although we are confronted with various social, political and economic barriers these obstacles are no match for a collective and determined effort to spend/use our money wisely. Economic accountability means spending your money and/or operating your business in a way that benefits the broader African American community.