The Kiyama Movement is a strong supporter of mentoring efforts aimed at reducing a myriad of social ills due to the prevalence of dysfunctional family units. One of the ways we believe mentors can play a crucial role in the lives of young people is supporting the development of peer groups (i.e. Circles) made up of good decision makers.  Additionally, the Kiyama Movement encourages mentors to support the development of advisory groups (i.e. Cabinets) made up of caring adults who can provide guidance and support to adolescents and young adults.

By helping our youth create active social circles made up of peers who are good decision makers and functioning “cabinets” made up of caring adults we are in effect creating sustainable support networks for our youth.  As many of us know, having the support of peers who are good decision makers and caring adults increases the chances of positive outcomes for our youth. 

We encourage those who are currently involved in mentoring efforts and those who are thinking about becoming part of such efforts, to read the passages below. The Kiyama Movement’s goal in this area is to assist as many young people as possible in developing their own personal social circle and cabinet.  Attaining this goal will depend significantly on how caring adults respond to this challenge. 

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