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America's Domestic Issues of the Day

  1. Achievement Gap
  2. AMA Study on Race
    1. Dr. Ben Carson  ...More (Suggested Reading)
  3. Anti-Racism Movement
    1. Tim Wise   (Suggested Reading)
    2. Peggy McIntosh
    3. Anti-Racist Alliance 
  4. Charter Schools   (Suggested Reading)
  5. Environmental Movement
  6. Gay Marriage
    1. Issues affecting the Black Gay and Lesbian Community
  7. Glossary of Political Terms  ...More  ...More
  8. Health Disparities
  9. Homelessness 
  10. Immigration 
    1. Arizona Law
  11. Forms of Government   ...More  (Suggested Reading)
  12. Legalization of Drugs  (Suggested Reading
    1. Just Say No
  13. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
  14. Prison Industrial Complex
  15. Princeton Study On Race and Employment ...More
  16. Re-Entry
  17. Title IX  ...More
  18. War On Drugs
  19. War on Ignorance

Global Affairs

  1. Darfur  ..More
  2. Developing Nations
  3. Egyptian Revolution, More 
  4. European Union
  5. Financial Institutions
    1.  International Monetary Fund (IMF)  ...More ..More
    2.  World Bank  ...More ...More  ..More
    3. World Trade Organization   ...More
    4. General Agreement On Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
    5. North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
    6. Central Banks
      1. List of Central Banks By Countries     ...More
      2. Criticism of the Federal Reserve  ,,,More
      3. Money and Banks
  6. G8 Nations
  7. Global Recession  (Suggested Reading)
  8. Global Warming  ...More  ,,,More  (Suggested Reading)
  9. Government Intelligence Agencies (list of) ...More  (Suggested Reading)
  10. International Organizations
    1. Bilderberger Society   (Suggested Reading)
    2. Council on Foreign Relations  ...More
    3. Trilateral Commission ...More (Suggested Reading)
    4. Royal Institute of International Affairs  ...More
  11. International Health Organizations
    1.   World Health Organization (WHO)
    2.   Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  12. Major Present Day Military Conflicts
  13. Nuclear Proliferation (Suggested Reading)
  14. World Regional Organizations
  15. Third World Nations
  16. Types of Economic Systems (Suggested Reading)
  17. United Nations   ....More   
    1. Andrew Young  
    2. Donald McHenry
    3. Susan Rice
    4. Other Ambassadors
  18.   U.S. Relations   
    1. Sino-American Relations    
    2. Hamas
    3. Hezbollah
      1. Hassan Nasrallah  
    4. Iran 
      1. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  
    5. Russia  ...More      
    6. North Korea  
  19. Venezuela
    1. Hugo Chavez
  20. War on Terrorism
  21. World Capitals
  22. World Leaders
  23. World Financial Markets (Dow, Nikkei, etc)
    1. List of World Stock Exchanges